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"Company Resume"


Morvarid Aras Baran Company was established in 2006 and is located in the town of Garmsar.

After several researches the company decided to build fertilizer plant in 2009 .

The company is the first producer of Potassium Sulphate in Iran with production capacity of 20,000 tons in a year and The different areas of factory are as follows :


The number of employees are 60 and in the future will be 400. Our ongoing project is established manufacturing plant with production capacity of 200,000 tons which will be lanched in early 2017.

Because  PJS « Morvarid Aras Baran »  all their production is distributed across the Iran.The The main activities of MABCO in accordance with implementing and operating an integrated management sestem of soil and water research Institue which is the main refrence in Iran and all  activities of MABCO is opproves by institute..

An enterprise of products are well known in Iran and The company’s products have good reputation while holding a certificate of quality such as :

ISO 10668:2010 , ISO 14001:2004 , BS OHSAS 18001 : 2007 , ISO 9001:2008 , ISO 1004:2012 ,                  ISO 10002:2014, IMS certificate and GUARANTEE AWARD certificate.

The focus of our company is creating strong relationship with our customers throughout Iran.

Our strategy is focus on fast-growing markets such as "Agriculture Support Services Company (ASSC)".

Also the Company has a representative office in some city of Iran.

The company's activities are not only limited to the production of potassium sulphate but also to include other aspects in the field of trade and imports of fertilizers, with URALKALI and MAXAM-CHIRCHIQ which are famous Brand in wide circle of two different volumes from Russia and Uzbekistan to develop business activities, supply of raw materials for production and meet the needs of our customers in the covers.

Always with focusing on elimination of intermediaries in the supply of goods and

distribution products at realistic price is cause of customer satisfaction so we can see wear on the righr way .

The Morvarid Aras Baran  holding Company as the first producer of potassium sulfate in the country guarantees to cooperate with great agricultural masters in order to encourage the optimum consumption of fertilizer. It attempts to publish academic master’s books in order to raise the knowledge level of agricultural community as well as use concerned studies and researches and role of soil fertility improvement and organic nourishment to increase hectare work of agricultural products and produce healthy agricultural crops and need to improve the formula of the country fertilizers. The company accommodates the agricultural community with these books for free and is ready to cooperate with dear farmers, experts, honorable authorities and grand masters in the field of fertilizers optimum consumption. It is noticeable that at present 60 ton potassium sulfate is produced daily in the unit no.1 from converting the potassium chlorine in Mananhayam method. The company technicians using the unit no.1 and domestic technology have constructed the unit no.2 and its capacity is going to increase up to 80000 ton by the end of 1395 and up to 200000 ton by the end of 1396.

We attempt to direct the consumption of agricultural fertilizer to the optimum consumption by reliance on Iranian knowledge and in order to achieve to this aim; we need the cooperation and accompaniment of academic and agricultural masters. We hope that one day Iranian tablecloth be adorned with Iranian products.